1. A working day in Asia
19:50 Germany 2019
dir. Jens Nagels


Walking through the streets of villages and cities in Asia, you see people at work. A lot of work take place outdoor and in public, or you can look through the wide-open doors to the workshops or stores. Impressions of everyday life.



Jens Nagels Completed painting studies in Düsseldorf. Completed studies in visual communications at the University of Kassel.

3:13  USA 2016
dir. Larry Loc

Litter Bugger is a PSA about the plague of litter defacing our world. It has a definite horror/slasher sensibly. The time for Iron Eyes Cody hippie guilt has long passed. The current generation doesn’t give a damn about guilt or nature. When I see litter I want to force feed it to the litterer. Maybe when they see my little film they will understand just how close I and others are to attacking them in the street for there mindless despoiling. You have been warned.!


Larry Loc is a Stop Motion and 3-D computer animator, an animation educator, a former Board Member of ASIFA-Hollywood, the History of Animation Professor at Cal State Fullerton, an after school instructor of Stop Motion Animation at Ladera Vista Junior High School in Fullerton, California and the director of the “AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival”

9:20 USA 2019
dir. Rebecca Rice


Hannah and her husband are fighting violently outside Evie’s apartment door. When she hears Hannah being slammed against the door, Evie pulls her inside to rescue her. But Hannah doesn’t need or want help

Rebecca Rice is an award-winning independent filmmaker whose projects include: Stealin’ Home (feature, 1995; winner of 3 festival awards, IFP West Director’s Cut selection), FLMKR (feature, 1999; Cannes Forum selection), Segregated Sunday (documentary short, 2000), Join the Food Chain! (PSA, 2004; Gracie Award, Lone Star Emmy Nominee), Wanda the Wonderful (documentary feature, 2014), We Need To Talk About A.L.E.C. (documentary short, 2014) and We Do (documentary feature, 2015; QCinema 17 Shawn A. Moore Award). Additionally, Rebecca has written and produced corporate programming for businesses and cable television. Rebecca holds a Master of Fine Arts in Broadcast-Film from Southern Methodist University.

10:02 Poland 2018
dir. Krystyna Kowalczyk


A coverage film. German producers were making a film about love between German man and Polish woman. Group of Polish seniors was invited to a cruise as extras. Author of the film was also an extra.

Krystyna Kowalczyk – member of Foto-video club at Szczecin University of Third Age. Her interest lies in photography and filmmaking. She likes to document group events such as: exhibitions, social meetings, family meetings. She struggle many times: “ to do picture or to film something?” Unfortunately, photos often loose.

20:00 USA 2019
dir. Jennifer Abod


Kitty Tsui,  Chinese American writer, poet, body builder, and lesbian activist, was a founding member of Unbound Feet, the first Asian American Women’s Performance Group. In Nice Chinese Girls Don’t, Tsui brings to life her coming of age in San Francisco in the 1970s, her challenges, and her continued rise to celebrity by being re-discovered by a whole new generation of Feminists. This is the first documentary about a Chinese American Lesbian.

Jennifer Abod, Phd is an award winning documentary producer. She is a former radio broadcaster on Public, Commercial and Community Radio. She was the former singer in the New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band and created the first feminist radio soap opera, “The Liberation of Lydia.”

5:00 UK 2018
dir. Stuart Taylor


When people are in trouble they often just need an arm or a shoulder to get them through. This animation explores some difficulties people face and the help they can get. It is based on the beautiful song Rise by Thea Gilmore.


Stuart Taylor-I have been a teacher of 5-11 old childrens for almost 50 years and creativity has been at the heart of my curriculum. My speciality was animation, using Super 8 then computers. Having retired I have more time for my own work, but still go into schools, often making Phenakistoscopes and turning them into films.

8:00 Canada 2016
dir. Andrew M.A. Spear


A downhearted man tries to get his wife, who suffers from Dementia, to remember their past life together.

Andrew M.A. Spear lives in Toronto. His short films are accepted at film festivals around the world.


14:57 USA 2019
dir. Paul Gorman


Set in the desert, senior citizen Roger Wilson sets out for a roadside attraction known as Salvation Mountain to take some photos. His real reason for going there becomes more apparent as his journey turns to one of survival and a final act of desperation.

Paul Gorman is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Advanced Filmmaking Program. His award winning films Ride the Sky and Broken Frame screened at festivals in the U.S. And Europe. His film Roma Vendetta is the world’s first narrative film made entirely from actors’ auditions. Presently, he is writing a novel about Ride the Sky.

2. Przyszło “nowe”
7:58 Poland 2018
dir. Jadwiga Naparzewska,January Witkowski, Alina Gil 

Doll animation. A story about how modern car parks architecture ruin simple and nice forms of spending time outside by youth.

Jadwiga Naparzewska – retired, graduated Water Constructions at Cracow University of Technology. She likes painting and learns playing on instruments (creates music to her own films). Active member in Cracov Senior Club.

Alina Gil – finished secondary education. In youth she trained instrumental gymnastics. Active member of Animated Films Club.

January Witkowski – highly awarded draftsman, self taught painter, epigram writer and novelist. Had few interviews in the press. Active member of Animated Films Club.

3. Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island
26:00 Canada 2017
dir. Phil Comeau


In the form of a poetic declaration of love to the Acadians of Belle-Île-en-Mer in France, the film celebrates the 250th anniversary of the arrival of their deported ancestors from Canada. On this island in the Brittany region of France, we discover their descendants, a proud People who have succeeded in keeping their culture alive some 5000 km away from their ‘homeland’.


Director Phil Comeau lives in Montreal. His documentary and fiction films have gathered 90 awards at film festivals on five continents and have been translated in 26 languages. Phil Comeau has been promoted to the Order of Canada and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France for his contribution to cinema and culture.

2:02 Sweden 2019
dir. Margareta Pettersson


Vivianne is seeking out for a new job. She visits a Speed Date for the Public Employment Service. But it does not turns out the way she imagined.



Margareta Pettersson is a swedish well-established actress who has an important role in the Hollywood produced film „Downsizing” directed by the Oscar award winning director Alexander Payne. She has scenes with the lead Matt Damon, She has also been working with director Ingman Bergman in his feature films „Fanny and Alexander“ and „Face to Face“. This spring Margareta Pettersson has began to write, produce and direct own short films, and play the lead role in them as well.In April 2019 her short film „Meeting“ was nominated as best film in the Swedish Film Festival ( Sveriges Kortfilmfestival). Margareta Pettersson is member of the Jury Board at The Norwegian International Seagull Film Festival 2010.

5. EAT (an allegory)
7:54 Canada 2019
dir.Lisa MacLean


„Eat (an allegory)“ began with a vision of travel through the bardo states, a series of Tibetan afterlives through which each soul will pass on their way to eventual reincarnation. Parts of the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, describe the besetting of the soul during this process by a cacophony of wrathful grotesque demonic hordes. The soul is urged not to turn tail and run but to face these demons and understand that they are simply karmic manifestations of his own actions.



Lisa MacLean has an MFA in Studio Art and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Art History, English, and Sociology) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She has exhibited her art work and created installations locally, nationally, and internationally for many years and has been an artist in residence at institutions in Belgium, France, Turkey, and Italy. In addition to teaching in several post-secondary institutions in Canada and producing her own work, Lisa has curated a range of exhibitions and taken part in many collaborative projects. Spanning a variety of disciplines including digital media, photography, video, and mixed media installation, her practice confronts concerns related to cultural and natural history, gender, landscape and the body, architectural space, the environment, and memory.


1. My Salsa Dance Teacher
10:00 Spain 2019
dir. Rafael Navarro Miñón


It’s hard to dance salsa.


Rafael Navarro Miñón – Architect. He made his first short film in 2012. Since then he has been writing scripts and directing and has acted in various short films and a full-length film he himself directed, winning several awards in the first two fields in international competitions and festivals.

19:45 Japan 2018
dir. Kazuya Ashizawa


The man closed the Cinema 55 years ago. Even so, people are coming. The man also put a fire on the projector today. “I will never let it go!”

Kazuya Ashizawa is a filmmaker living in Fukushima.
He was born and grew up in Fukushima and he is continuously filming people who are close to him even after the disaster of “Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station” in 2011.

3:11 Poland 2018
dir. Zbigniew Klimek


Film presents less known Warsaw monument – Natolin. The palace and monumental buildings are full of charm. They stand between old trees. Film encourages to reflect on life prosperity in the old days.

Zbigniew Klimek – “my hobby is filmmaking, photography, turism and sightseeing old monuments.” On retirement he spends a lot of time doing those things. His films were presented on lots of festivals.

5:23 Hungary 2018
rdir. Károly ‘Kása’ Papp 


Helix is a stop motion animation about the dynamics of human relationships inspired by Antal Kelle’s interactive meditation objects.

Károly ‘Kása’ Papp -2010 freelancer filmmaker, 2010 guest lecturer at MOME ( Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design),2005 – 2010 Studio Baestarts Director and Animator, 1990 – 1999 Varga Studio Director and Animator

, 1987 – 1990 Aladin Studio at Pécs
 Animator and Director, 1984 – 1987 Pannonia Studio Animator and Director 

, 1978 – 1981 College of Fine Arts
 Student of scenery and costumes

27:00 Poland 2019
dir. Józef Leszek Wiśniewski


Film takes place in an unspecified totalitarian country. Hero of the plot – older man – is intended for elimination by the tyrannical system.

Józef Leszek Wiśniewski – author of documentary films. He is interested in theater and pantomime. Active member of Bosha Theater in Szczecin. Creator of theater and film screenplays. “Balast” is his first attempt with feature film.


04:58 Poland 2018
dir. Julian Zawisza 


Battle in Legnitz and its participants have gone to a legend, but there are a lot of confirmed facts about it in history.

Julian Zawisza – since childhood, he is interested in drawing stop motion animation. He leads film clubs Lanterna Magica, Akt in Legnica and Rycerz in Legnica field.

2. Conversation with CASTILLO
28:38 Sweden 2019


“Conversación con Castillo” is a documentary film about the visual artist Juan Castillo. It’s made based on images of the artist’s habitat a lost village in northern Sweden and some of his ephemeral works, devoured by fire or images returned in pictures painted with tea-colored  backgrounds and faces superimposed.

Sergio Albornoz, Photographer and Filmmaker with 35 professional experience
years at Swedish Television, where his professional work was in department of news and documentaries. He has participated in collective exhibitions of photographs and Individual exhibitions at Edsviks Konsthall, Stockholm.
– 3rd prize at the International Photo Salon in Singapore 2005.
– 2nd prize in the Photo Contest in Beijing, “Beijing in the eyes of  foreigners “2009.

3. Clean Sweep
7:51 UK 2019
dir.Alistair Kerr


A day in the life of a chimney sweep.


Alistair Kerr- Film making is very new to me and working on very low budget gives me great satisfaction, when festival include my animations. My set up is very amateur but I am very enthusiastic about animation and hope I can entertain audiences worldwide.

4. Cigarette
14:42 Argentina 2019
dir. Eduardo Daniel Santamaría


Alberto, invites Luis, a fellow of the university extension workshop for adult drawing, to have a coffee the following week before entering class. Alberto takes a few minutes to buy cigarettes. When he arrives at the bar where Luis waits for him, he tells him the reasons for his delay and asks him if he smokes or quit smoking. Luis, tells him that he stopped doing it 40 years ago, and begins to tell him how to quit smoking. Alberto, the smoker, in the story told by his partner, begins to discover disturbing and referential data to his family history.

Eduardo Daniel Santamaría-Actor with 30 years of experience- writer-screenwriter – film director.

5.Mistrz Dariusz Miliński
8:10 Poland 2018
dir. Erazm Dominiak

Master Dariusz Miliński at work.

Erazm Dominiak- like making films about talented people, including people in my neighbourhood. My interest lies in classical music, I attend concerts in the Szczecin Philharmonic on my retirement. I’ve always made photos. I’m interested in filmmaking for almost 10 years. I used to be mechanical engineer. For 5 years I was a sailor. I sing in choir in Szczecin University of Technology since 1958.

6. To Arms!
8:16 USA 2019
dir. Carlo Caldana


A short film without words about war propaganda and the sobering consequences of armed conflicts, particularly on children.

Carlo Caldana Award-winning, veteran filmmaker Carlo Caldana has been making narrative films for 35 years. „To Arms!“ is his second documentary.


1. My Deathcar
3:00 France 2019
reż./dir. Werner Schnater


Will You Dream of me when I was dead, will you dream of me the whole night long ?

Werner Schnater-Designer graduate from Braunschweig University of Art, Germany. Painter, screenprinter, comic-author, animation-filmmaker. Exhibitions in Germany and France. Comics published in Germany, France and Spain. Awards for painting and comics. Award from oneminute festival Aarau, Suisse for “P60” animationfilm. Films selected for festivals in Kiew, Vienna, Bukarest, Chicago, Helsinki, Vinius, Islamabad, Trinidad-Tobago, Budapest, Braunschweig and Paris.

22:00 Portugal 2018
dir. Andre Ben Birken , Takis Panas


On the day of delivering the house key, Takis called his friend André to help with the last cleansing. Leaving a home can be painful. With the help of the Portuguese poet Margarida, those moments of anguish turn into something different, but not less dramatic.

Andre Ben Birken – 2010-today Freelance Travel Guide and Tour Designer , 2010 Director of the radio adaption of »Frei Luis de Sousa« de Almeida Garrett for pimteatro, 2005-2007 Freelancer for audiovisual services in Portugal, 1998-2004 Montage and other services for fairs or museums (f.e. CeBIT international computer fair; Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover), 1998 – 2004 Student of Fine Arts, (graduation: sound art class), FHHannover, Germany.

Takis Panas was born in southern Greece and now lives in southern Portugal where he earns his livelihood as an archaeologist-museologist and curator of exhibitions.It was Jury of Cine-Eco Film Festival . Also writes, screens and produces short films and documentaries.

3.Kadry z życiopisania
34:00 Poland 2016
dir. Marek Osajda

Film is about Artur Daniel Liskowacki, writer, playwrighter and journalist. His life is tied to Szczecin in which he was born and lives today. His father, Ryszard Liskowski was also a writer and a journalist. Both of them included history of Szczecin in their works. Hero of the film speaks about writers fate, his loneliness and that in today’s world a writer should be judged by his books. In a world where media image is the most important, books are the only thing that matter.

Marek Osajda -Graduated History at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Journalism in Warsaw University. He worked in television in Szczecin, and was a journalist in „Kurier Szczeciński”. Marek Osajda created ecological magazine „Zielona Arka”.

8:32 USA 2019
dir. Ricardo Jabardo

A shaman has a precognition. A world at war. With esoteric wisdom, he revives the stilt houses of the abandoned village and faces the newcomers. The wood giants destroy the invading ships. But such is the strength of the spell, that without control, they are all sent into the apocalyptic future.

 Jabardo was born in Venezuela and has been living in the United States since 1989. He moved to the USA (1989) received his Masters in Fine Arts in 1994 at the University of California, Los Angeles. freelance graphic designer ,corporate identities, illustrations and 3D Animations. His animated short films have been exhibited in festivals in Europe and North and South America. Live in Georgia, USA.