About the Festival

The Film Festival Senior Movie is aimed at the filmmakers of the retirement age, i.e. at those over 60+ years of age, recruited from the amateur and independent cinema.
The festival sets a platform for presenting a film work of seniors from around the world.
The idea of the Senior Film Festival grew out of a great desire to present to the public a film work of retirees whose passion is film, and out of a desire to find out what the seniors want to convey to us through their films. What message dominates in their accomplishments? We want to ask this question in the first edition of the festival. Is film a medium to build an intergenerational transmission or is it a medium to capture important moments in life? What is the function of a film in seniors’ work all together?
This will be the main motto and guiding idea of the first edition of the festival. We will answer the question when we review the submitted films. This will be an important factor for the discussion during the festival in talks with the creators and the audience.