Main Competition

Block 1

Granny’s Attic


Great Britain 2020

dir. Alistair Kerr

Granny is disturbed by a strange noise coming from her attic…what will she do…investigate of course.

Alistair Kerr – I have been making clay animations since 2018 and have learned so much since then. I enjoy the challenge of puppet and set making and then animating my creations.

My set up is very amateur but I am very enthusiastic and passionate about animation and hope I can enertain audiences worldwide. My background has been forty five years in music but now in retirement my time is taken up creating animations.



Lightning Chess


Austria 2016

dir. Hermann Leitner

At chess two people are sitting in front of a chessboard and the real world is faded out. This movie shows the inversion: Both players reenact a famous game – Lorente vs. Montanez, Malaga 1999 – they see each other however only at the last draw. They move in real life and the chess game appears surprisingly random and requires the next draw. 17 filming locations in three minutes – a fast forward shot of the protagonists real life, who are imaginarily connected through a chess game – asynchronous but still united in one game. Inclusion of the real world in a fairly autistic game.

Hermann Leitner


2020: Peeping Marco

2020: Das Team – ventilate

2018: Spirits of Inspiration

2017: One shot video: Emergency Nails “Ragged Rulers”

2016: Lightning Chess

2015: Kinskischraube


Valenki RU


Russian Federation 2020

dir. Anton Belousov, Yury Nemtsov


“Zhgony”, “Matrai”, “Pimokaty” – those who made felt boots in Russia called themselves differently. They communicated in their secret languages and kept their craft secret. The authors of the film overheard the secret dialects and spied the secrets of the skill of the remaining artisans, who to this day “zhgonyat” and “turyzhat” in their small.

Anton Belousov is a documentary photographer, Director and cameraman. Movies: “Chips” (2013), “Intersections of time” (2013), “The Well” (2018), “Invitation to Boldino” (2019).
Yuri Nemtsov is a TV journalist, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation. Movies: “Make yourself a boot” (2011, TV), “Black clay” (2015, TV), “The Well” (2018), “Invitation to Boldino” (2019).



Spotkanie z Artystą


Poland 2021

dir. Erazm Dominiak


A film showing an artist-photographer, who is fascinated by old photography techniques.

Erazm Dominiak – a mechanical engineer by profession. Member of choirs in Szczecin University of Technology (now Collegium Balticum). Film amateur.





Block 2



Japan 2021

dir. Kazuya Ashizawa

Performers living in Japan – The pure spirit lives in their hearts and faces them seriously with music.

Kazuya Ashizawa is a short documentary filmmaker living in Japan. He captures the daily lives of fascinating people around him.





France 2021

dir. Renée Garaud

Who is Babeth? A cab driver? An experienced killer? A barfly? Multiple characters in the hopscotch of life.

Documentaries (la fabulese histoire de la Paravision, le Manipulator, etc…), video music.



Translation of Memory


United States 2020

dir. Mike Stinnett


Bill, a middle-aged man, returns home, after many years, seeking to recover the life he lost after cheating on his estranged wife, Susie. It is a story about love, regret, forgiveness and the brevity of life.


After retirement, Mike Stinnett returned to college in 2018 and began taking classes in film studies. Putting what he learned to practical use, he formed a production company called Breinstorm Cine Productions and started producing his own films. Translation of Memory is his second film.



Dziewczynka ze sztandarem


Poland 2021

dir. Tomasz Wiśniewski

Walentyna Orzeszko is the last living graduate of pre-war school number 5.

Tomasz Wiśniewski – film amateur, making films on YouTube channel bagnowka.



Block 3

Red Yellow Pink Experience


Austria 2020

dir. Jolanta Warpechowski

“Red Yellow Pink Experience” tells the story of a son and his mother. He: homosexual. She: strictly Roman Catholic. Two different worlds – a conflict is starting. Can love overcome all prejudices?

A film against dicrimination. A movie for acceptance.

Jolanta Warpechowski was born in Poland 1947, studied theatre science in Vienna, Austria and film directing in Crakow, Poland. She worked as theatre director and in different other fields.
Her work is derived from improvisational theater. The main themes of her films are sex, prostitution, migration, LGBTQ, violence, alcoholism, family, religion and social grotesque.



The Man Whose Head Was a Big Teapot


Great Britiain 2020

dir. Brian Luff

Our hero has just been dumped by his girlfriend. But this is the least of his problems. His head is a big teapot. After going on several disastrous dates, he seems to have finally met the girl of his dreams. But life still has a few surprises in store.

Brian Luff

Winner of Best Web Series at the Lisbon Film Festival in May 2020, Brian Luff has co-written a comedy series for Channel 4 and worked as Head of Digital Content for two global television networks. He’s also been a senior digital content producer for BBC Comedy. In 2018 Brian wrote and directed “Explicit Biscuit Unleashed”, which won Best Animation at the East Coast Film Festival. His animated short “Aristaeus” won the Spirit of the Festival Award at the London Short Series Festival. Recent web series “The Milton Milton Show” was an official selection for the Harrogate Film Festival in March 2020 and the award winning “Monday Tuesday Banana” has been screened at numerous film festivals around the world.



27 Marzo 2020


Italy 2020

dir. Alessandro Haber


A man seeks a remedy for the gloomy and unnerving loneliness of the lockdown.

Alessandro Haber is an actor, film director and singer. His debut as an actor was “La Cina è vicina” by Marco Bellocchio. In 2003 he directed his first feature, “Scacco pazzo”. During his career he was awarded with a David di Donatello for “Best Actor in a Supporting role”, five Nastro d’Argento for Best Actor in a Supporting role, and an IDI for Best actor for the theatrical performance “Dialogo”.





Germany 2021

dir. Peter Böving


A peaceful afternoon in the park. An exotic butterfly catches a young woman’s attention – and with this a series of events is set off, which once again demonstrates the rightfulness of man’s expulsion from paradise.

Peter Böving’s “Klötzchenkino” (brick cinema) stands for artivist short film productions, focusing on poetry film, AnimaDok & music film. With over 50 international film awards to date Peter Böving is constantly capturing the world of animated film. Once he made a jump to Berlinale.





Block 4

Bilans nie jest wesoły


Poland 2020

dir. Kazimierz J. Bihun

A film portrait of well-known director of photography, Stanisław Niedbalski, member of WFD and PKF. In a way it’s a “life confession” of the film’s protagonist. Filming took place in 1987 during shooting a film “Alchemik” and on the castle in Książ.

Kazimierz J. Bihun is a freelance creator. He won lots of prizes on film festivals, including Best Cinematography for his film “Hollywood Dreamland” during “Telly Award 1998” in Cincinnati. Used to be a film instructor and co-worker in TVP Kraków.



Suspension Bridge


France 2021

dir. Raghu Kondori

An old man taking photos of the temple, sees a young man on the bridge. He wants to commit suicide, he is lost, no feeling. The old man with trick, by making him angry, tries to bring back the feeling to him. When young slowly finds his feeling, the old propose, to teach him how to swim, it is like to teach him how to live.

I grew up in Iran, with the poems of Omar Khayyam, Rumi, and the Sufi culture. In 80, I moved to France, and studied literature. In 90 moved to India. In 08 moved to Taiwan, and worked as energy therapist. I live in Taiwan. I’m an Actor, Director, Writer Poet and Tarot designer. This is my first film.



P.S. Ducky-ducky-ducky


Russian Federation 2019

dir. Sergey Soloviev


At a turning point in her life, the bright and tender Nicole meets a strange girl called Mila by the pond. They accidentally find out how many secrets this very pond holds and understand that it is now that they really need each other.

Sergei Alexandrovich Solovyov (born 25 August 1944, in Kem, Karelo-Finnish SSR) is a Russian director, producer, writer and actor. He was awarded by the Russian SFSR People’s Artist title. In 1975, he won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 25th Berlin International Film Festival for his film “Sto dney posle detstva”. Solovyov contributed to the Russian rock movement of the perestroika era, with such films as “Assa” (1987) and “Chyornaya roza – emblema pechali, krasnaya roza – emblema lyubvi” (1989). He directed “Dyadya Vanya” (Uncle Vanya, Maly theatre) and “Chayka” (Taganka Theatre, 1994). Solovyov was a professor of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and the chairman of Cinematographer’s Union of Russia from 1994 to 1997. In 2000 he was a member of the jury at the 22nd Moscow International Film Festival.

Invisible Life
Serbia 2020
dir. Vuk Dapcevic

Invisible life” is a short documentary about lockdown in Serbia during last March. The main question of the film is: is the quarantine the last adventure the world, as we know it, has embarked upon? When there is no life around us, we’d better withdraw into ourselves. This film for sure shows us that we are getting ready for the new world.

Vuk Dapcevic – Famu – Film Academy, Prague, Czech Republic, M. Sc. Graduation 1991, B. Sc. Graduation 1989.

2011-2013 – Present freelance professional,

2010-2011 – Cameraman – Keyconnection Media, Belgrade,

2009-2010 – Production director – Draft fcb Afirma, Belgrade,

2004-2009 – Production director – Freemental Communications, Belgrade,

2003-2004 – Documentary Program Editor – RTV Politika, Belgrade,

2001-2003 – Art director – RTV Politika, Belgrade,

2000-2001 – Editor in Chief – RTV Politika, Belgrade,

1991-2000 – Head cameraman – RTV Politika, Belgrade,

1987-1991 – Cameraman and director – Radio Television of Serbia – Serbian Broadcasting corporation


Block 5



Sweden 2021

dir. Margareta Pettersson

Barbro has problems at her job. She seeks new friends and meets Ulla. They have more in common then they could believe.

Margareta Pettersson is a Swedish actress and director. She has a lead role in Alexander Payneś feature film Downsizing. She has scenes with the Lead Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz. She has also been working with Ingmar Bergman in his feature films Fanny and Alexander and Face to Face. Now she is writing producing and directing her own short films. She has won several awards in Polish and Swedish film festivals. The short film Crossroad she has written and produced together with Lena Pålson.


It Gets In Your Blood


United States 2021

dir. Ed Hartman

“It Gets in Your Blood” is a short documentary by Ed Hartman. The film is about Richard Lyford, a filmmaker who made 9 films before he was 20-years-old, worked for Disney, and went on to direct an Academy Award-winning documentary. In spite of all of this, very few know who he is, or why he is important to filmmaking, today.

Ed Hartman started making Super 8 movies as a kid in Chicago, IL. Ed Hartman has scored and produced films over the years. In 2018 Ed scored and produced, “As the Earth Turns” a 1938 unreleased silent sci-film. That award-winning film has been in numerous festivals (in distribution, including TCM).


The Twilight Years


Malaysia 2020

dir. Lily Fu

In “The Twilight Years”, the protagonist Muji Sulaiman, founder of a Muslim welfare care home for the elderly, shares heartbreaking stories of abuse, exploitation and abandonment. It is a reflection of the breakdown of family traditions and values in a fast-changing world that has little room for older people.

Age should not be a barrier to our dreams. So true! Lily obtained a Masters of Science in Applied Gerontology at age 70. At 72, she made her first film “The Twilight Years” to advocate for the right of the elderly to age with respect and dignity, and to enjoy better quality of life in their later years.




Spain 2021

dir. Rosario Pardo

Alicia has incipient Alzheimer’s and breaks into the life of her son and her daughter-in-law at the worst possible time.

Actress and performer. She joins television with series such as “Cuéntame cómo pasó”, “Doctor Mateo”, “Velvet” etc. She combines her facets of theater, television and cinema. In the theater, playing “Los Días de la Nieve”. On television, participating in series such as “Mothers and Debts”.






Senior Topics Competition

Block 1

Pacing the Pool


Australia 2021

dir. Radheya Jegatheva


A tiny glimpse into the extraordinary life of Richard Pace. A different approach to life might have seen him crushed under the weight of the physical and mental stresses he has been through since he was a child, however, healing waters have helped him rise above it all!

Radheya Jegatheva is an Oscar qualified and AACTA nominated filmmaker based in Perth, Australia and born in Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean, Japanese, Indian and Malaysian ancestry. He is a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts graduate from Curtin University (2021) in Western Australia. Radheya’s films have been selected to 26 Academy Award Qualifying Festivals. His 2019 film, “The Quiet”, was Oscar qualified, and his 2017 film iRony was nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema & TV Arts (AACTA) Award


U babci


Poland 2020

dir. Milena Mądra


A story about the exceptional closeness of grandmother and her granddaughter, despite physical limitations. An elderly woman and a disabled nine-year-old girl lead a seemingly uncomplicated life, finding pleasure in every activity. The world seems to have infinitely many colors, especially for the girl. However, in everyday care, effulgence and energy sometimes escape for a moment.

Milena Mądra, born in 1995. A graduate of the Documentary course at the Wajda School. She has been photographing since she remembers. An educator engaged in pro-social activities, fascinated by the Earth affairs and the human affairs.


Vincent before Noon


France 2019

dir. Guillaume Mainguet


A father pays his son a visit after years of conflict and turns up in the middle of his house move. The son, Vincent, reacts violently to that intrusion. Emotionally weakened, the father involuntarily reveals the true reason of his visit, which revives the tension between them. Within a few minutes, the anger, the memories and the crossed looks move the two men deeply.

Guillaume Mainguet is a scriptwriter and director of: “The Shadow of the trees doesn’t Exist anymore” (2010), “Walker” (2013), “The Girl and the Dogs” (2014), “The Middle of a Lake” (2016) and “Vincent before Noon” (2019). He is currently developing his first feature film “Green Woods”, with production company Acrobates Films.


Rawhya’s safe haven


Egypt 2020

dir. Mohmed Fathi


Rawhya is a 60 year old mother with 3 special needs sons, living all together under one roof in a village. The moment you hear Rawhya’s story you think it would be a sad one, but this one is different, her story is full of strength, love and faith. The film is about Rawhya’s heart that became her sons’ haven

Mohmed Fathi – a documentary filmmaker based in Egypt.



The Grandfather


Lithuania 2020

dir. Irmantas Pilis

Short documentary film “The Grandfather” is based on a relationship between grandson and grandfather. The main idea should be familiar to everyone and it does not matter if it is relationship between grandson and grandfather, mother and daughter, brothers or even person and his pet. I believe that the film will bring everyone a memory of their true relationship.

Irmantas is an theater acting student who was always interested in directing. Aside from theatre Irmantas can’t help but create short films and sketches in video format. With a helping hand from his friend Dinas, Irmantas is able to express his ideas through a camera lens. Irmantas also stars in his latest film “The Grandfather”.


Vers la flamme


Spain 2021

dir. Blas Payri

“Towards the flame” is a videodance around the conflicting passion and exhaustion of an elderly couple. Based on the atmosphere and the movement’s quality of the stage piece (“Lui & Artemis”, by Jasmine Morand), the film was shot in situ, to reinforce the human condition of an elderly couple living side by side in everyday surroundings.

Blas Payri is a video and sound artist, creating screendance and music. His screendance works have been selected for numerous festivals worldwide. He is a professor of film postproduction at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.



Block 2

One-way ticket


Peru 2020

dir. Víctor Augusto Mendívil

This is the story of Mr. Rafael Castrillon, a master toymaker with more than fifty years of experience and a former Mr. Peru in bodybuilding. His story is a one-way ticket towards the manufacture of the traditional (incomplete) wooden toy

Víctor Augusto Mendívil was born in Lima, Peru. He is 38 years old. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication. “Got lost” (2019), co-directed with Miky Yuste, was his first short documentary. “One-Way Ticket” (2020) is his second documentary short film.




Spain 2020

dir. Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Laia Suru Valverde

A visual symphony conducted by 8 elder women who reflect on different topics concerning the conception of their own bodies inside a patriarchal system that constantly attempts to possess them.


Clara spent the past seven years working as a director, solo filmmaker, camera operator and camera assistant in Berlin, Hanoi and Barcelona.

Laia worked with directors such as Jordi Boquet (“Ni oblit, ni perdó”). Her most noted projects include her debut as a director with documentary [B]ELLAS.



Bubby & Them


United States 2017

dir. Je’Jae Cleopatra Daniels & Hazel Katz

When Je’Jae is kicked out of their home, attacked on the street, and ostracized by religious leaders, adoptive grandmother Bubby Razi provides a space of refuge and resilience.

Je’Jae Cleopatra Daniels – I grew up in South Jersey & Vermont, and studied comparative literature at Oberlin College. I made my first movie in 2009 to document a science experiment about my cat. I’m currently wrapping up my first feature documentary.

Hazel’s short videos focus on trans experience, employ found footage archives, and use essayistic storytelling. Hazel recently completed a yearlong collaborative residency at UnionDocs and is currently pursuing an MFA at UC San Diego.





Spain 2018

dir. Jordina Ros

María has been in a psychiatric hospital for 6 years, there she was admitted because she killed her husband after suffering years of gender violence. Now her sentence is served and she is free to start a new life. TRASH is a film where we emphasize the complaint about the scourge that we currently live, the mistreatment of women.

Jordina Ros (1963) – I am from Barcelona (Spain) by profession actress and theater director and professor of performing arts and communication. I have a degree in the Barcelona Theater Institute and a Master’s degree in film direction and screenplay at the Ecir school. Currently my artistic side is focused on the visual arts with Performace and video performance. Where for 5 years we have been selected in different international festivals. Japan United States India Mexico London Venice Croatia … TRASH is my debut film entering the professional world of cinema. We have obtained 7 international selections. We are currently preparing an upcoming film, also fiction, with a social theme and complaint, such as TRASH.




Poland 2017

dir. Andrzej Święch

“Dziadek” is an intimate portrait of a man struggling with challenges of and old age, but with devotion and cheerfulness. Focusing on ordinariness of everyfay life, the film offers inspiration and a view into human determination and why you should never give up.

Andrzej Święch – he earned his master’s degree in English Philology by writing a thesis on Woody Allens’s films. A graduate of the Warsaw Film School in film editing and film directing. Winnder of festival awards for the films: “Dziadek” and “Karteczki”.